A Tradition of Innovation


Welcome to Knoxville.

About Knoxville


Knoxville was established in 1845 when Joseph Robinson and James Montgomery selected the site for the town and designated it as the county seat. The town was named after General Knox who was a Revolutionary War hero. The town was incorporated in 1853 on a vote of 64 to four. The Marion County Fair Association was established in 1854 and the first fair was held in 1859. In 1921, the Iowa General Assembly adopted the design submitted by Dixie Cornell Gebhardt of Knoxville for the Iowa flag. In 1890, the Industrial Home for the Blind was built. After WWI, the campus was turned over to the Veteran’s Bureau.


Home to the sprint car nationals, Knoxville is a town racing with action. The busy downtown boasts arts events, unique restaurants and a majestic courthouse that tells the story of the Iowa flag. In addition to downtown, the Highway 14 corridor provides a wide array of businesses that serve the needs of residents. The community boasts a first-class education system, modern medical facilities and abundant recreational opportunities. Manufacturing, agriculture and tourism are Knoxville’s economic engines.  Residents enjoy community events throughout the year such as the Living Windows, Farmers Market, Bike Nite and weekly racing events during the season.  Knoxville is also home to the world beer cup gold medal Blonde Fatale brewed by the Peace Tree Brewing Company.

Community Contacts

  • City of Knoxville
  • 305 South 3rd Street
  • Knoxville, Iowa 50138
  • Phone: 641.828.0550
  • www.knoxvilleia.gov
  • Knoxville Chamber of Commerce
  • 217 South 2nd Street
  • Knoxville, Iowa 50138
  • Phone: 641.828.7555
  • Fax: 641.828.7978
  • Email: director@knoxvilleiachamber.com
  • www.knoxvilleiachamber.com