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About Melcher-Dallas


Coal shaped the settlement of the Melcher-Dallas area as workers came to the area to find employment in the many coal mines. The town of Dallas was first called Ohio, because many of the early settlers were from the state of Ohio. The town of Melcher was laid out in 1912 directly south of Dallas. For many years, there was a colorful rivalry between the two towns until they merged into one town known as Melcher-Dallas in 1986.


The town now celebrates Merger Days each May as well as Coal Miner's Days in June. The Melcher-Dallas Coal Mining & Heritage Museum honors the town’s history and showcases some great artifacts from the coal mining era. Around the square you will also find several retail stores, an emergency response facility and a park. In fact, the downtown park has a coal car. Home of the Saints, the Melcher-Dallas Community Schools provide quality educational experiences for students in the area.

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