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About Pella


Pella is situated on the ridge between the Skunk and Des Moines Rivers. Founded in 1847 by Hendrick P. Scholte, the Dutch purchased 18,000 acres for $1.25 per acre and were able to buy out many of the settlers who had already started farms in the area. The early homes of the Dutch were built of sod with long prairie grass on the roof. The cluster of these homes was dubbed “strawtown.”

Central College was founded in 1853 and in 1866, a rail line was built through the community. The annual Pella Tulip Time Festival was started in 1935 to celebrate the traditions brought from Holland.


Pella, a community with a rich Dutch heritage, is home to several large manufacturers and a host of locally-owned businesses such as Pella Corporation and Vermeer Corporation. Its thriving main street is lined with not only tulips and windmills, but also progressive civic and business leaders eager to share the story of the city’s success. With a skilled workforce and tourism opportunities galore, Pella is the perfect place to plant a business and watch it bloom.

Community Contacts

  • PACE Alliance
  • 818 Washington Street
  • Pella, Iowa 50219
  • Phone: 641.828.2626
  • Email: karen@pella.org
  • www.pella.org
  • Pella Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • 818 Washington St.
  • Pella, Iowa 50219
  • Phone: 641.628.2626
  • Email: jill@pella.org
  • www.pella.org