A Tradition of Innovation

Commissioners & Staff


  • Sandra Agan, Bussey Area
  • Susan Canfield, At-Large
  • John Jensen, Knoxville
  • Rob Judkins, Pella
  • Barb Kniff McCulla, Pella
  • Kelly Mitchell, At-Large
  • Lori Pearson, Knoxville
  • Jim Richards, Pleasantville
  • Matt Russell, Melcher-Dallas Area
  • David Vollmar, At-Large
  • vacant, Pleasantville


  • Marion County Board of Supervisors: Craig Agan, Jim Kingery and Mark Raymie
  • Pella Chamber/PADCO: Karen Eischen
  • Knoxville Chamber: Matt Kissinger
  • Pleasantville Chamber: Don Dursky
  • MCDC Executive Director: Carla Eysink


  • Carla Eysink, Executive Director
  • Sarah Francis, Administrative Assistant
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