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Cooperative Sports Show Marketing Program

Each spring thousands of Midwesterners interested in the outdoors, recreation, sports and travel attend tradeshows. How do we compete with destinations in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri or Illinois? One strategy is to provide one-on-one information at tradeshows to encourage visitation to new audiences. Most of us tourism entities in Marion County cannot afford from either staffing or funding to attend several of these shows on our own, but together we can.

The Marion County Development Commission (MCDC) is pleased to announce each year in July a line-up of shows included in the Red Rock Area Cooperative Tradeshow Marketing Program. There are usually 5-6 shows included. We know in these tough economic times, visitors are traveling closer to home. Our goal is to keep traveler expenditures to Marion County growing by increasing our visitation within Iowa. To accomplish this goal, we are inviting Marion County area chambers/cvbs and tourism attractions to join this program.

The MCDC commissioners discussed at length what shows offer the best value and how we could make participation into the program more affordable. We have reduced our participation fee to encourage participation.

The MCDC will…

  • Provide the booth display for each show
  • Rent a booth space for each show
  • Provide each partner with information to mail or send their brochure to each show
  • Conduct a lottery to determine workers for each show by the end of September each year
  • Provide partners working a show with show information and maps

Participating Partners will…

  • Reply by the deadline in September with a completed Reply Form and payment
  • Be able to display and distribute a tourism brochure at each show
  • Be responsible for sending a supply of their brochure to each show
  • Provide staff for the booth for at least one show (See below)
  • Provide the name(s) of booth workers to MCDC by December 10

Staffing the Booth:

A lottery will be used to determine workers for each show. Each show worker or their organization will be responsible for expenses incurred for mileage, parking, hotel, and meals. The booth worker is also responsible for transporting the booth to and from the show, booth set-up, booth tear down and staffing the booth during the show. If there are more than 5 partners, shows will be divided. Only participating tourism partners or their designee will be allowed to staff the booth.

Contact the MCDC at carla@redrockarea.com to receive a listing of this year’s shows.

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