A Tradition of Innovation

Scott Sorheim

What Makes Your Company Unique

Uniquely combine shop-floor software elements into one solution (continuous improvement, maintenance, quality, safety, human resources) for manufacturing companies.

Why Do You Operate Your Business In Marion County

Because we love the community we live in:  the people, the schools, the churches.  It's a great place for our family.

Best Part Of Being In A Small Town

There are lots of things that are good:  no commuting, seeing familiary faces at the park/store/anywhere you go, being able to walk to a lot of places, safe community

Greatest Business Asset Of Marion County

Marion County has some great solid businesses with Pella Corp and Vermeer that develop tremendous leaders who end up impacting much of the community.

Biggest Accomplishment Of Your Life

Learning to accept mistakes.  I used to be a perfectionist...you take a lot fewer risks and prevent learning from mistakes when your focus is to have everthing perfect.

Someone Who Inspired You And Why

Can't think of anyone in particular.  I've always been interested in pioneering technologists like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Innovator Story

Innovator Summary

  • Industry:Services
  • Age:na
  • Birthplace:na
  • Occupation:Owner
  • Education:Sibley High School in Mendota Heights, MN and Iowa State University in Mechanical Engineering
  • Company:Lean Technologies
  • Year Company Was Started:2003
  • Email:ssorheim@leantech.com
  • Website:www.leantech.com
  • Word That Describes You:Consistency & Integrity
  • Your Most Important Skill:Tinkering. Since I deal with software, it's important to stay on top of new technologies and "tinker" with the new stuff and explore applications for the new tech