A Tradition of Innovation


The following are available resources for businesses interested in expanding or locating in Marion County, Iowa.

Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)
Center for Advanced Technology and Development (CATD)

What’s Available:

  • Provides manufacturing and processing firms with technical and management information
  • Identification and analysis of industrial and management problems
  • Latest information about technical advances to meet business needs
  • Small Business Innovative Research (FBIR) Federal program
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Federal program

How to Contact:
(515) 294-3420
Web: http://www.ciras.iastate.edu
Email: ciras.info@iastate.edu

Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED)

What’s Available:

  • Assistance for low income, unemployed, or underemployed individuals.
  • Targets economically distressed urban neighborhoods and rural areas.
  • Microenterprise Training and Technical Assistance Program.
  • Access to loan capital.
  • Iowa Women’s Enterprise Center to expand assistance to current and aspiring women business owners.
  • Community Business Networks (CBN) to link you to the assets and resources of the community.
  • Rural business developments to assist rural cities create small businesses and jobs.
  • Welfare-to-Work Project.
  • Technical assistance to microenterprise organizations.

How to Contact:
(319) 338-2331
Toll Free: (800) 888-ISED
Web: http://www.ised.org

Internal Revenue Service

What’s Available:

  • Federal Employer’s Identification Number (FEIN) (Form SS-4)
  • Federal tax and Social Security information
  • Informational publications
  • Presentations and workshops in Iowa

How to Contact:
(866) 816-2065
Web: http://www.irs.gov
Federal Tax Information: 1-800-829-1040
Federal Tax Publications: 1-800-829-3676

Iowa Association of Business and Industry

What’s Available:

  • Support for government compliance issues
  • Seminars on business regulations and issues
  • Leadership programs for business leaders and students
  • Environmental and employment law guides
  • Business and personal insurance coverage
  • Iowa Commerce Magazine and other publications

How to Contact:
(515) 280-8000
Toll-Free: (800) 383-4224
Web: http://www.iowaabi.org

Iowa Department of Agriculture

What’s Available:

  • Regulatory information for food-related and animal-related businesses
  • Information concerning weights and measures
  • Information for commercial grain storage and grain sales businesses

How to Contact:
(515) 281-5321
Web: http://www.iowaagriculture.gov

Iowa Department of Commerce

What’s Available:

  • Licensing for retail and wholesale sales of alcoholic liquor, wine and beer (515) 281-7430
  • Information about rates and services of certain electric, gas, phone and water utilities (515) 281-5979
  • Overseas “Relay Iowa,” communication access for persons with hearing or speech impairments (515) 281-5979
  • Problem resolution and information concerning insurance for small businesses (515) 281-5705
  • Assistance to small businesses concerning the sale of stock (515) 281-4441
  • Licensing for the following professions: Certified Public Accountants; Accounting Practitioners; Architects; Engineers and Land Surveyors; Landscape Architects; Real Estate Salespersons; Real Estate Appraisers (515) 281-3183
  • Regulation of state chartered banks, finance companies, mortgage brokers and others in the business of delivering financial products and services; source of public inquiry from users of financial services (515) 281-4014

How to Contact:
Web: http://www.idocom.state.ia.us

Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED)
Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress (IPEP)

What’s Available:

  • Housing developments
  • Organization of public and private sectors to unite community
  • Community business improvement, development, and expansion
  • Comprehensive assistance and informational materials for Iowa small business start-ups
  • Financial assistance for small business start-ups and expansions
  • Comprehensive business license information
  • Minority-and female-owned small business assistance
  • Small Business Helpline: 1-800-532-1216
  • Iowa Procurement Outreach Center: 1-800-458-4465 for bidding on federal government contracts

Business Expansion Support Team (BES)

  • Assistance identifying applicable programs and services for expanding companies.
  • Database of existing buildings and sites in Iowa.
  • Tax incentive assistance.
  • Technical assistance to compete for federal procurement contracts.
  • Call (800) 245-IOWA for more information or use contact information below

Business Financial Assistance Programs

  • Financial assistance programs for business development in Iowa.
  • Call (800) 532-1215 for more information or use contact information below

Bureau of Community Facilities and Services

  • Promotes community development, housing and job opportunities for low/moderate-income persons.
  • Different types of assistance programs for specific areas.
  • Call (800) 245-IOWA for more information or use contact information below

Rural/Community Planning and Development Fund

  • Support economic vitality for progressive communities with financial and technical assistance.
  • Services include organizational, leadership, commercial, industrial, marketing, and project development as well as governmental services, housing, workforce, tourism, land use planning, and local community betterment.
  • Call (515) 242-4922 for more information or use contact information below.

How to Contact:
(515) 242-4700
Web: http://www.iowalifechanging.com

Iowa Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

What’s Available:

  • For Employees: Training and job placement for eligible individuals, information about adaptive aids and more to help individuals do jobs
  • For Employers: No cost placement service, pre-screened applicants, post-employment follow-up services, tax benefits, worksite consultation

How to Contact:
(515) 281-4211

Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals

What’s Available:

  • Restaurant and food sales licensing
  • Gambling license information
  • Targeted small business certification
  • Licensing of residential care facilities and intermediate care facilities
  • Certification of home health agencies

How to Contact:
(515) 242-5991
Web: www.dia.iowa.gov

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

What’s Available:

  • Water and air quality regulatory information for manufacturers
  • Information concerning Household Hazardous Materials (800) 367-1025

How to Contact:
Water Quality: (515) 725-0359
Air Quality: (515)242-5100
Web: www.iowadnr.gov

Iowa Department of Revenue

What’s Available:

  • Sales, Use and Motor Vehicle Fuel tax permits
  • State income and sales tax information
  • Information about income tax withholding and estimated tax payments
  • Sales tax exemption certificates
  • Informational publications and presentations
  • Certificates of Exemption

Ask About These Tax Benefits for Small Businesses:

  • Income tax deduction for hiring ex-offenders and persons with disabilities
  • Tax credit for new jobs, research activities, seed capital, and motor vehicle fuel
  • Capital gains deduction for certain businesses
  • Tax exemption for purchase of machinery and equipment used in agricultural production
  • Any more than 150 separate exemptions from sales tax provided by the Iowa Code

How to Contact:
(515) 281-3114
Web: www.iowa.gov/tax/
Web: http://www.

Iowa Department of Transportation

What’s Available:

  • Motor vehicle dealership information and licensing (515) 237-3021
  • Information for trucking businesses (515) 237-3264
  • Information concerning vehicles subject to registration (515) 237-3110
  • Pro-Rate information (515) 237-3268

How to Contact:
Telephone: 515-239-1101
Web www.iowadot.gov

Iowa Secretary of State

What’s Available:

  • Information to register corporations, nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and state trademarks
  • Learn the basics of starting and maintaining a business.
  • Obtain fileable forms (allows you to complete our forms on your computer and mail them in).
  • Obtain important tax information.
  • Conduct lien searches by examining our UCC database.

How to Contact:
(515) 281-5204
Web: www.sos.state.ia.us

Iowa Small Business Administration

What’s Available:

  • Venture and capital resources
  • Startup kits
  • Counseling and training

How to Contact:
(515) 284-4422
Web: www.sba.gov

Iowa Workforce Development

What’s Available:

  • Unemployment tax information
  • OSHA consultations and information on labor laws
  • Unemployment insurance information
  • Worker’s compensation information
  • Information concerning child labor laws, minimum wage, wage enforcement, and hazardous chemicals
  • Boiler, elevator and amusement ride inspection; licensing of private employment agencies and professional boxing and wrestling; and registration of construction contractors (515) 281-3606

How to Contact:
(515) 281-5387
Elsewhere: 1-800-562-4692
Web: www.iowaworkforce.org

Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

What’s Available:

  • Information on the community
  • Lists of businesses and contacts
  • Information on business resources
  • Information on other community agencies

How to Contact:

Phone:  641.828.7555
Web:  www.discoverknoxville.com

Marion County Assessor

What’s Available:

  • Property value assessment

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.828.2215

Marion County Auditor

What’s Available:

  • Real estate transfer records

How to Contact:
Phone:  641.828.2217
Email: jgrandia@co.marion.ia.us

Marion County Extension Services

What’s Available:

  • Agricultural business and production information
  • Counseling services

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.842.2014
Web: www.extenion.iastate.edu/marion

Marion County Health Department

What’s Available:

  • Restaurant food preparation
  • Information concerning health standards for specific businesses

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.828.2238
Email: kdorn@marionph.org

Marion County Recorder

What’s Available:

  • Information and registration for sole proprietorships and simple partnerships
  • Certificates of Assumed Name (if doing business under a name other than your own)

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.828.2211
Email: kschwanebeck@co.marion.ia.us

Marion County Zoning & Building Permits

What’s Available:

  • Zoning and building permits
  • Sign Permits

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.828.2243
Email: mpoffenbarger@co.marion.ia.us

PACE Alliance

What’s Available:

  • Information on the community
  • Lists of businesses and contacts
  • Information on business resources
  • Information on other community agencies

How to Contact:
Phone: 641.628.2626
Web: www.pella.org

Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce

What’s Available:

  • Information on the community
  • Lists of businesses and contacts
  • Information on business resources
  • Information on other community agencies

How to Contact:
Phone:  515.848.3903
Web:  www.therealpleasantville.com

Service Corps of Retired Senior Executives Association (SCORE)

What’s Available:

  • Free mentoring and business counseling
  • Low-cost workshops
  • Business resources for entrepreneurs

How to Contact:
Web: http://www.score.org

Social Security Administration

What’s Available:

  • Social Security tax and withholding information.
  • Laws concerning Social Security
  • Employer’s Kit

How to Contact:
Website: http://www.ssa.gov/employer/

Treasurer of State’s Office

What’s Available:

  • Link Investments for Tomorrow (LIFT)
  • Assistance with rural business transfer, and horticulture and alternative agricultural crops

How to Contact:
(515) 281-5368
Web: www.treasurer.state.ia.us/

University of Northern Iowa Regional Business Center

What’s Available:

  • Affordable technical assistance for small business expansions and start-ups
  • Small business workshops and training programs
  • Small Business Development Center Regional Center

How to Contact:
212 East 4th Street, Waterloo, Iowa 50703
(319) 236-8123
Web: http://www.uni.edu/rbc
Email: info@unirbc.org

UNI Iowa Waste Reduction Center

What’s Available:

  • Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program designed to assist businesses with technical and compliance questions dealing with the Clean Air Act
  • Environmental hazardous materials information
  • Help small businesses understand federal and state clean air requirements
  • Provide technical advice on pollution and control strategies
  • Assist with completion of air quality permit applications

How to Contact:
(319) 273-8905
Toll Free: (800) 422-3109
Web: http://www.iwrc.org

UNI John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

What’s Available:

  • Education and training programs
  • Seed capital programs
  • Business plan competitions and entrepreneurial conferences

How to Contact:
(319) 273-7350
Web: http://www.jpec.org
Email: katherine.cota@uni.edu

UNI Metal Casting Center

What’s Available:

  • Provide for the deployment of existing and emerging technology to solve current industry problems.
  • Develop and implement programs that seek improvements/solutions to problems for clusters of businesses within the metal casting industry.
  • Development of strategies and provisions of services to individual businesses with the metal casting industry

How to Contact:
(319) 273-6894
Web: http://www.mcc.uni.edu

UNI Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC)

What’s Available:

  • Targeted and applied research on reuse and recycling technologies specific to Iowa’s needs
  • Research to seek solutions to environmental challenges such as diminishing landfill space
  • Cooperative efforts among Iowa industries and academic institutions
  • Mechanical, physical, and chemical property tests are available for a variety of composites

How to Contact:
(319) 273-3989
Web: http://www.rrttc.uni.edu
Email: Michaela.rich@uni.edu

UNI Strategic Marketing Services

What’s Available:

  • Customized market research, analysis and strategic planning services for businesses.
  • Marketing plans, pricing, competitor analysis, customer generation, implementation assistance and market channel assessment

How to Contact:
(319) 273-2886
Toll Free: (800) 204-1804
Web: http://www.sms.uni.edu/
Email: Ronald.padavich@uni.edu

U.S. Census Bureau

What’s Available:

  • Population, housing, economic, geographic and other demographical information

How to Contact:
(515) 281-4105
Web: http://www.iowadatacenter.org/
Web: www.csbs.uni.edu/dept/csbr
General questions: 301-763-INFO
Web: http://www.census.gov 5

USDA Rural Development

What’s Available:

  • Provides guarantees on loans of up to $10 million or more made by private lenders for start-up or expansion purposes to for-profit or non-profit businesses or investors of any size located in rural areas with populations under $50,000

How to Contact:
Phone: 515.284.4663
Web: www.rurdev.usda.gov/IA

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