Located less than an hour's drive from Iowa's capital city of Des Moines, Marion County  is known for manufacturing. 

We invite your to come build with us.  The manufacturing sector within Marion County represents  37.9% of jobs.  This translates to over 6,500 manufacturing jobs in just over 40 different companies.  This concentration of manufacturing ranks Marion County 68th out of 3,141 counties in the United States for percentage of jobs in manufacturing.  This compares to 10.8% percent of jobs in Iowa and 6.8% of jobs in the US within manufacturing.  The average wage per job within the manufacturing sector in Marion County is $66,243 according to BEA data from 2017.  

Many of the manufacturing companies are family companies which are headquartered in Marion County.  Other companies have moved here to be located near other manufacturing companies which are customers.  Products from here are shipped all over the globe.  Companies work closely with education to insure the next generation of workers will be skilled to innovate and lead these companies into the next century.