Child Care Needs Study

    The Marion County Development Commission contracted First Children's Finance to complete an analysis for Marion County child care needs in 2018.  The next phase of the process included utilizing the data to build a strategic plan to address needs by community.  The final report was released in March, 2019. 

    Funding for the project was made possible by Marion County Development Commission, the PACE Alliance and local employers.

    Key Findings:

    1.  Population ages 0 to 9 is decreasing in some communities and increasing in others
    2.  Marion County parents are in the labor force and need child care
    3.  Parents prefer regulated child care settings
    4.  Median family incomes are higher than the child care assistance threshold
    5.  Child care is affecting the labor force
    6.  Finding child care in Marion County is difficult
    7.  There is a declining supply of child care options
    8.  There is a shortage of child care spaces

    To read the full report click the report listing below:

      2019 Marion County Child Care Gap Analysis and Strategic Plan
      Parent Survey Summary 

      To read community summary reports click the listing below:
      Bussey Summary
      Knoxville Summary
      Melcher-Dallas Summary
      Pella Summary
      Pleasantville Summary