Research & Planning

The Marion County Development Commission is dedicated to research and planning to guide economic development strategies and provide our businesses with the information they need to plan for the future.

Lean:  Continuous improvement is a way of life within the Red Rock Area and Marion County.  Not only do companies use these concepts to remain competitive, but education leaders and government leaders embrace the idea of always finding a better way. 

Data:  In addition to dedication to improvement, the area economic development leaders are devoted to understanding existing industry needs to drive economic development strategies.  Data driven decision making is key for keeping economic development strategies aligned with local opportunities and issues.  In 2015, Marion County received the overall Business Retention & Expansion Award in Iowa while a year earlier received a national Rural Go-Getter award for their BRE program as well. 

Research:  Over the past decade,  under the leadership of the Marion County Development Commission the cities and county have hosted Roger Brooks for a week-long tourism development planning session, completed a housing study by sub-markets and most recently completed a childcare study by sub-markets.   Many nonprofits and companies receive technical assistance from MCDC when needing data for grant/loan applications or project proposals.