Most towns across Iowa and the Midwest are feeling like they are in a race to develop the pipeline of talent needed by their companies.  People are one of the most important parts of economic development infrastructure.  

UPSKILLING:   MCDC has worked with local educators to improve understanding of current and future workforce needs through a professional development course coordinated with DMACC Business Resources called Teaching for the Workforce.  This program augments what local school districts are doing to improve curriculum to connect with current career pathways through career academies and technical coursework in addition to apprenticeships and job mentoring.  The effort in Iowa to upskill the workforce is called FUTURE READY IOWA.  

RECRUITMENT:  If Marion County did everything it could to upskill the regional workforce, more people are still needed by our growing companies.  Efforts by the Iowa Economic Development Authority promise to develop new ways that companies, communities and regions can work together to tell Iowa's story of opportunity for individuals from other states and around the globe.  

We are working on a plan to connect with statewide efforts and provide companies the tools needed to recruit workforce.