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Economic Gardening

Helping our local Stage 2 entrepreneurs grow and thrive

It's Strategic

Economic gardening provides strategic information to Stage 2 emerging growth companies that export innovation. The initiative helps these companies fine tune growth opportunities.

It's Focused

Stage 2 companies employ 35-40% of jobs in most areas. They have proven their skills in management and marketing. The typical profile is as follows: 10 to 100 employees, $1 to 50 million in sales, growth in 3 of the last 5 years, selling to external markets bringing new money into the community and a CEO willing to be actively involved.

It's Proven

For over 25 years Chris Gibbons and his team at the National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG) have worked with Stage 2 companies to grow their business by providing intelligence in 5 classes of key business problems. Local economic developers contract with NCEG to bring these tools to Stage 2 companies to identify the root of the problems that are preventing additional growth.

It's Here

In 2021, Marion County and Mahaska County launched a pilot within the Opportunity2 Region. Five companies were chosen from applications to participate. We hope to continue this program and support economic growth.

Opportunity2 Region Program Presentation

Learn More

To find out more, contact MCDC or use the button below to visit the NCEG website.

National Center for Economic Gardening